Friday, 4 September 2015

Different Types of Accommodations in Australia


Hotels are commercial establishments that provide lodging, meals as well as a plethora of guest amenities, facilities and services. It's a must for hotels to have at least 6 letting bedrooms, among which 3 must have attached private bathrooms. Although these commercial establishments are categorised into star categories (1-star to 5-star), there is no standard method to assign these ratings. However, generally 1-star hotels in Australia offer a few amenities & services but adheres to high standard of cleanliness. A 2-star hotel offers good accommodation with private bathrooms and telephones. 3-star hotel rooms are quite spacious and has high-class decors, furnishings and colour TV. Bars and lounges are also available. A 4-star hotel is usually larger and offers more comfortable accommodation with excellent cuisine, room service & other amenities. A 5-star hotel on the other hand offers luxurious premises, a wide range of guest services, swimming pool and sport & exercise facilities.


Motels are popular as motor hotels or motor inns in Australia. Generally, they are roadside overnight accommodation facility, which offers very little or no amenities other than a free parking space.


Apartments are accommodation suites that are fully furnished. 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK apartments are most commonly available for rent. Travellers and tourists wanting to book a lodging for long-term in Australia usually opt for this property. Since cooking provision is there travellers usually choose to cook when booking their stay here. Rented apartments may also include facilities like wifi, BBQ area, swimming pool and such others.


Farmstays are accommodations on working farms. Some of them are interactive whereas some are completely family-focused, giving children the opportunities to collect eggs, feed animals and learn the functioning of a farm. Other's do not allow children, instead offer a peaceful retreat for adults. Some Victoria farmstay family accommodation establishments that are available for rent even allow gays and dogs. For these accommodations, guests generally pay rates that are same as vacation rentals or bed & breakfasts. 


Houseboats are boats that are designed or modified to be used primarily as homes. They often include amenities like bathrooms, kitchens & ample floor space and are usually moored. Some of the houseboats also lack motors & are designed only for floating and not to move. In Australia, on Murray River and sunny coastline of Victoria, there are a number of motorised, pontoon-based houseboats having 2 or more bedrooms. Some of them even have multiple stories. The ones that are available for rent can accommodate about 4-12 persons. Lake Eildon in Vic and Hawkesbury river near Sydney in NSW are famous houseboating areas.


Hostels are establishments that provide inexpensive food & lodging for a specific group of people like backpackers, students etc. They are ideal for travellers who have a considerably lower budget. In these establishments, travellers rent a bed, generally a bunk bed, in a dormitory and share the bathroom, lounge as well as kitchen. Rooms may be mixed or of single sex. However, private rooms and ensuites are also available in Australian hostels.

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