Friday, 21 August 2015

Restoring an Old Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are among those seating chairs, which provide a great amount of comfort. They add charm to the room where they are placed in. The rocking chairs that are antique are often regarded as exemplary symbols of those golden times when furniture making was more an art than a means of livelihood.

However, if you have an old rocking chair that has started showing signs of deterioration after standing the tests of time, then it is imperative to get the piece restored to its former glory and magnificence. Although it is generally recommended to hire a professional firm dealing with antique furniture restoration in Sydney, performing a DIY is also possible. Given below is the procedure for salvaging an old rocking chair at home:

Tools Required
  • Palm sander
  • Wood glue
  • Clamp
  • Sandpaper
  • Cotton batting
  • Spray bottle
  • Jute twine
  • Thread and needle
  • Painter’s tape
  • Fabric
  • Upholstery foam
  • Chemical stripper
  • Webbing

First, the rocking chair has to be inspected for any signs of decay, cracks in finish, tears in the upholstery, rips in webbing and other similar damage. If the old finish are to be stripped or new paint coats are to be applied, it is imperative to take steps for ensuring that the areas in good condition are not affected. Such areas can be taped using the painter’s tape.

Next, the surface of the chair must be sanded gently with a sandpaper having fine grits. This will help to smoothen the surface and make it ready for adding paint or glue. Then the existing finish has to be removed with the chemical stripper by spraying it onto the wood surface.

After the original finish has been stripped, any damaged or decayed parts will have to be replaced. However, care must be taken to remove as less parts as possible for maintaining authenticity of the chair. Small crevices can be repaired by filling wood glue in them and pushing it in place with the clamp.

Rips and tears in the upholstery must be sewn together and while doing the same, cotton batting and fresh upholstery foam can be added for making the chair more comfortable. If the chair has separate cushions, they will also have to reupholstered. As for damaged webbing, torn webbing may be either repaired or replaced with a new one, depending upon the amount of damage. Loose webbing can be reconnected using jute twine. But if it is severely torn, then replacing might be the only option.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Popular Wedding Dress Necklines – Which One Should You Choose?

If you wear a wedding dress with a perfect neckline, you can be sure that your looks would be transformed totally. All of us have a favourite neckline but what we need to keep in mind is that the one we think is our favourite will that really match with our body type and  face shape? Here are a few gorgeous necklines that have been discussed about. The bride can use any of these to look her best on her bid day.


This is a neckline that's staple in almost all women's wardrobe. So, if this is worn on the day of wedding, it won't make one look ugly. There is a reason why v-neck's are so popular. It can elongate the silhouette with an illusion of arrow being pointed down. It makes round face shapes look oval. Petite brides look taller when they wear v-neck wedding dresses. How much skin you want to show can also be very well decided if you choose a V-neck gown. When a v-neck is combined with a draped, wrap bodice, it becomes the hourglass gal's best pal. If you think that a standard v-neck is very much ordinary or casual for such an auspicious occasion, dresses that come up with laces on top of the neckline can be your pick then. It creates a pretty and soft pattern.

Sweetheart neckline

This kind of neckline doesn't always fit and match all brides. When its strapless, it makes the broad shoulder look more broader. But when layered with lace fabric for creating the v-neck, it looks great. If this type works great on you but going strapless for the ceremony is what you don't want, you can find a bodice overlay, which you can take off in your reception.

Queen Anne

These necklines go very well with wedding dresses. They have a great shape and offers good coverage for brides who are full-busted. These are however not usually seen outside of formal attire.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Different Types of Fencing

The fencing type chosen for a home has an important role to play in its exterior decor. Moreover, it is also a vital element of the overall security. After all, security and privacy are two essential features of a home’s integrity. Therefore, it is essential to buy something that is capable of fulfilling these requirements. There are several types of fences available in the market, the most popular kinds of fencing in Perth being wood, aluminium, wrought iron, steel and vinyl.

Wood Fencing

This one is among the most common types in Perth, but also in the whole of Australia. It provides a profound feeling of warmth and security due to its height. Its size and height can greatly influence the installation costs and requires a considerable amount of time to be installed. But sometimes, they can even last for as long as the house does.

Aluminium Fencing

There are basically two reasons as to why this type is popular among many Australians. First of all, it does not require any maintenance except for decoration and painting costs and secondly, it bears almost the same appearance as any other type of fence. But the aluminium fencing is incapable of providing adequate amount of security and does not work well in areas having severe weather conditions.

Wrought Iron Fencing

This type is usually chosen by people who want to incorporate creative designs on top of their fences. Although wrought iron fencing is exquisite as well as durable, it requires regular maintenance in the form of sanding or repainting once in every two or three years. However, the security provided by this type is weak. Moreover wrought iron fences can be expensive because they are custom made.

Steel Fencing

Steel or colorbond fencing in Perth has gained a lot of popularity and there are a multitude of reasons for it. Firstly, colorbond fences can easily tolerate adverse climatic conditions such as rain, strong winds, sudden forays from branches, etc. Secondly, they are available in a wide range of designs and colours. Thirdly, they do not require extensive maintenance except cleaning once in a blue moon. Fourthly, they are sturdy and therefore promise a considerable amount of security.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is regarded as being sturdier and more flexible than wooden fences and requires no maintenance. Cleaning them is also very easy as vinyl resists stains, dust and graffiti paints. But their installation costs are quite high.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Acupuncture Points for Treating Female Infertility

Infertility in women has emerged as a consequential health issue in modern times, and is caused not by one single factor but a combination of several causes. The primary reasons for increased conception issues in women are unhealthy lifestyle, excessive stress and low physical activity. However, there are many natural ways of female infertility treatment, which are often preferred over the conventional methods. Among those natural methods, acupuncture is the most common and effective therapy used for treating a wide range of problems that usually reduce the chances of conception in a woman.

Among the different points that are generally used for administering acupuncture to a woman with fertility problems, some of the most common ones are as follows:

Epang II

They are situated on the two sides of scalp just above the hairline. Stimulating Epang II helps to treat problems of premenstrual syndrome, get relief from menstrual pain and regularising menstrual cycle.


Yintang is located on forehead right between the eyebrows. Stimulating it improves functions of Pituitary gland, and provides relief from migraine and headaches resulting from anxiety.

Lv 14

This set of acupuncture points is located right below each of the breasts and can help to correct breast tenderness associated with premenstrual syndrome and hormonal imbalance, improve libido, boost liver functionality and get relief from digestive disorders.

Ren 14

Ren 14 is situated about halfway between the navel and the sternum, 4 inches above the navel. It helps to reduce buildup of fluid in the uterus and fallopian tubes, improve release of cervical mucus, transform phlegm, relieve asthma and treat cardiovascular diseases.

Ki 16

Ki 16 is one of the most significant acupuncture points associated with fertility. They are situated an inch away on both sides of the navel. Ki 16 is believed to augment fertility health, increase chances of conception and correct issues related to autoimmunity triggered by improper immunological response.

Ren 6

Ren is located right below the navel and stimulating it can boost libido, improve energy, and relieve exhaustion, stress, chronic fatigue and tiredness.

Ren 4

Lying 2 inches below the navel, this point can help to increase blood circulation in uterus, improve functionality of kidneys, and detoxify the body.

UB 44

They are situated on either sides of the fifth thoracic vertebra. Stimulating them provides relief from stress and anxiety, strengthens the uterus, eases abdominal pain at the time of menstruation and treats insomnia.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Why is Fraser Island So Famous?

Fraser Island, a World Heritage listed place and the biggest sand island in the world, is a region of exceptional and immaculate beauty. Covering an area of about 184,000 hectares, its long and continuous beaches are flanked by remarkably coloured cliffs of sand. The region also features tall and majestic rainforests and a multitude of crystal clear freshwater lakes. There are many holiday resorts offering Fraser Island packages in Hervey Bay, to enthusiastic tourists flocking to the place every year.

Though there is no end to the attractions and activities one can enjoy in Fraser Island, some of the most popular ones are as follows:

Freshwater Lakes

The largest sand island in the world supports more than a hundred freshwater lakes. Ringed by beaches filled with white sand and perched on top of dunes, these water bodies are ideal spots for relaxing, swimming and organising picnics. One can easily drive at their own pace and discover the pristine beauty of these spots.

Dundonga Creek

It is a freshwater creek located on the island’s western coast having its origins 5 kilometres inside the rainforest. It supports a variety of wildlife. The spot even features a diverse mangrove community, exploring which can reveal amazing attributes.

Seventy-Five Mile Beach

Situated on the eastern part of the island, the Seventy-Five Mile Beach features sand cliffs with striking colours sculptured by the prevailing winds. Close to the beach is a dunescape known as the Rainbow Gorge, also featuring lofty sand cliffs and a natural spring which flows only for some metres before vanishing in the sand.

Eli Creek

An attraction popular among visitors, this spot is among the several freshwater creeks on the island flowing from the underground water table. During the summer months, travellers indulge in a common pastime which involves floating down the creek to the point where the water meets with the shoreline.

Indian Head

Climbing Indian Head can allow one to enjoy spectacular views of the eastern coastline. During certain times in a year, dolphins, turtles, huge rays, sharks and whales may also be sighted from this point besides a variety of birds.

Fraser Island Great Walk Circuit

This circuit literally enables one to trace the traditions of the Butchulla people through diverse habitats and stunning sceneries. It combines remote and challenging routes for walkers who are experienced, along with short and easier strolls for overnight and day visitors, thus allowing travellers the flexibility to choose intensity and duration of their walks.