Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Ideas For Celebrating Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is a very important as well as a romantic occasion for you to remember the day of your marriage. It is an amazing way to renew the love you share with your spouse and awaken cherished memories from the years you have spent with each other. Planning the celebration of a wedding anniversary is both fun and exciting, as you keep looking for different ideas so as to make the occasion unique and perfect. Whether you want to commemorate the event with a peaceful and quiet  celebration at home or go for outings, it is important to remember that your love for each other is the theme of the event.

  • If you are staying at home, make it special by starting off with a bubble for yourselves followed by a candle light dinner with home-cooked food. Add a bottle of extra-special bottle of wine to the menu and end with a decadent dessert. Have your own private movie night in the comfort of your living room or bedroom.
  • Plan a visit to all those places that hold memories shared by both of you – the restaurant where you had your first date, the cafĂ© where both of you have fleeted long hours frivolously submerged in deep conversations or the fruit juice parlour you guys never missed on Wednesdays in your young courting days.
  • Wake up your spouse early in the morning with a gift of a cute teddy bear or a box of chocolates by his or her bedside, carrying your personal message. Or arrange for a lovely bouquet delivered to your house during the day to surprise your partner. Most florists deal with wonderful arrangements of flowers and gifts in Morwell and can prepare a lovely bouquet of her favourite roses or his preferred orchids in no time.
  • Try out something common for immortalising your wedding anniversary – hire your artist friend to click some some amazing photographs of you and your partner or self-shoot a sweet and short video and upload it on a social media so that both of you can watch it in the years to come for a walk down the memory lane.
  • Go for a trip to the awe-inspiring botanical gardens or the flower gardens from where most florists in Morwell get their supply of flowers.

There are so many ways to spend a romantic time with your loved one on your anniversary. Explore the lovely occasion of your wedding anniversary by incorporating one or more of the above-mentioned ideas or make your own ones in accordance with the likes of your partner.

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