Thursday, 20 August 2015

Popular Wedding Dress Necklines – Which One Should You Choose?

If you wear a wedding dress with a perfect neckline, you can be sure that your looks would be transformed totally. All of us have a favourite neckline but what we need to keep in mind is that the one we think is our favourite will that really match with our body type and  face shape? Here are a few gorgeous necklines that have been discussed about. The bride can use any of these to look her best on her bid day.


This is a neckline that's staple in almost all women's wardrobe. So, if this is worn on the day of wedding, it won't make one look ugly. There is a reason why v-neck's are so popular. It can elongate the silhouette with an illusion of arrow being pointed down. It makes round face shapes look oval. Petite brides look taller when they wear v-neck wedding dresses. How much skin you want to show can also be very well decided if you choose a V-neck gown. When a v-neck is combined with a draped, wrap bodice, it becomes the hourglass gal's best pal. If you think that a standard v-neck is very much ordinary or casual for such an auspicious occasion, dresses that come up with laces on top of the neckline can be your pick then. It creates a pretty and soft pattern.

Sweetheart neckline

This kind of neckline doesn't always fit and match all brides. When its strapless, it makes the broad shoulder look more broader. But when layered with lace fabric for creating the v-neck, it looks great. If this type works great on you but going strapless for the ceremony is what you don't want, you can find a bodice overlay, which you can take off in your reception.

Queen Anne

These necklines go very well with wedding dresses. They have a great shape and offers good coverage for brides who are full-busted. These are however not usually seen outside of formal attire.

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