Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hervey Bay Is A Gem On The Crown Of Queensland

A city located right in the middle of the mainland of Queensland and the Fraser Island with a population of more than sixty three thousand, Hervey Bay is one of the most popular natural holiday spots. It is only three and a half hour away from Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, by drive. It is known as the world's Whale Watch Capital, with large and majestic humpback whales visiting annually in the Platypus Bay, lying on the north side of the city. Its safe and stinger free waters allow a great number of fun activities such as swimming, sailing, water sports, diving and fishing. The Hervey Bay Esplanade is dotted with shops, parklands, playgrounds, picnic areas, piers, alfresco cafes, etc.
Hervey Bay is dominated by a sub-tropical type of climate throughout the year, with average temperatures of the summers and the winters being 30 degree Celsius and 22 degree Celsius respectively. Among the major natural attractions of Hervey Bay, mention can be made of the Fraser Island, the Great Sandy Trait, the Wetlands and the Bay.
As discussed earlier, the water bodies of Hervey Bay are collectively no less than an aquatic heaven, where local people as well as travellers can enjoy yachting, wind surfing, snorkelling, kayaking, and jet and water skiing. The Fraser Coast provides a perfect setting for people who love fishing and boating. Families can charter their own vessel, houseboat or yacht from many places across Fraser Island and Rainbow Beach, to make the boating experience more exciting and memorable. With the waters teeming with plenty of fish, the rich fishing experience offered by Fraser Coast attracts amateurs and professionals from across the globe every year.
A ride on the bicycle along the exquisite foreshore of Hervey Bay can take away the breath of even the most sceptical tourist. The famous Orchid House inside the ornate Botanical Gardens is also a major treat to the eyes of any nature-lover. Some of the other picturesque places of the Hervey Bay include the Marina region and the restaurants and caf├ęs of the Esplanade area.
There a number of lodging facilities for travellers like hotels, inns, and resort accommodation in Hervey Bay. Rental apartments are also provided as an option for families and the best part about these accommodation facilities is that most of them organise exclusive whale watching tours for the travellers.
So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and plan a tour to Hervey Bay for your next holiday!

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